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This might not be the first science fiction novel to explore the idea that the internet is in our brains, but it does so with an awareness of how that might affect our planet and our biological being in a very visceral, fleshy way.The feed is destroying the planet and interrupts common, basic biological functions.This goes to show how people have become so integrated with technology that they cannot discern it from an internal element of themselves.

However, there are significant differences in their upbringing.

Whereas Titus comes from a wealthy family, Violet’s family is poor.

Similarly, the environment in Wall-E is also polluted; however, the problem is more severe.

The earth has been completely abandoned for 700 years and the improvement of earth has been given into the hands of a garbage-collecting robot, Wall-E.

Not only are humans themselves decaying and humanity ceasing to exist, but even the planet has become so polluted that it cannot sustain or support it natural cycles or maintain many populations of wildlife.

The Feed is literally an organ, an integral part of your body: "Before that, computers were all outside In Anderson’s Feed, most of the American population is joined to the internet with chips implanted into their brains.

He meets Violet while partying on the moon at a nightclub.

Titus, his friends, and Violet all get their feeds turned off after they are hacked, and must be hospitalized until their feeds can be reactivated.

Together, they go on outrageous adventures until a hacker at He writes of an extreme point where the world needs air factories to live. That was knocked down to make an air factory'" (Anderson 125).

While Violet is talking to her father she realizes, “‘the forest’s gone.' ' Yeah. The environment in Feed can’t even produce air anymore so the air is machine-made and fake.


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