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Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is an American animated television series created, produced, and hosted (in live action bookends) by comedian Bill Cosby, who also lent his voice to a number of characters, including Fat Albert and himself.

Filmation was the production company for the series.

In 1979, the show was re-titled The New Fat Albert Show and featured a new segment titled "The Brown Hornet" detailing the adventures of an African-American crime fighter in outer space whose design resembled a caricature of Bill Cosby, who also performed vocal talents on the character.

In 1984, the show was syndicated and renamed The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

The show premiered in 1972 and ran until 1985 (with new episodes being produced sporadically during that time frame).

The show, based on Cosby's remembrances of his childhood gang, centered on Fat Albert (known for his catchphrase "Hey hey hey! The show features an educational lesson in each episode, emphasized by Cosby's live-action segments.On January 15, 2013, Bill Cosby posted the following on his Facebook page: "I'm telling you there are people at work who, I think, will make Fat Albert happen again.And it will be loved by all generations to come", hinting that the series might be brought back once again. During each episode, Fat Albert and his friends (aka The Junkyard Gang), dealt with an issue or problem commonly faced by children, ranging from stage fright, first loves, medical operations, and personal hygiene to more serious themes (though toned down for younger children) including vandalism, stealing, racism, rape, smoking, being scammed by con artists, sexually transmitted diseases, child abuse, kidnapping, drug use, gun violence and death.-style tour of an occupied maximum security prison, even contained utterances (by the jail's inmates) of the words "damn" and "bastard" (Cosby had appeared in the beginning of the episode advising viewers that those words would be used as part of the story's dialogue to realistically depict jail life).Another notable episode, "Gang Wars", featured a child being shot and killed.The musical sequence was dropped during the Brown Hornet/Legal Eagle years.The series would enjoy one of the longest runs in the history of the Saturday morning cartoons.The special, which aired on NBC, was a hybrid of live action and animation.The music for the special was written and performed by jazz pianist/keyboardist Herbie Hancock in 1969, and was released on the Warner Bros. For the animated portion of the special, it was necessary to develop the actual appearance of each of the Fat Albert Gang's characters.Another segment was added: "Legal Eagle", a crime-fighting eagle with a pair of bumbling police squirrels. The theme song, "Gonna Have a Good Time", was composed by Ricky Sheldon and Edward Fournier, A cover of the show's theme song, performed by Dig, is included on the 1995 tribute album Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits, produced by Ralph Sall for MCA Records.The song's chorus ("Na-na-na, gonna have a good time!


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