Fahrenheit 451 Essay Hook

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Montag's interest in knowledge and dedication to a new and better society saved him.

Thus, Bradbury seems to suggest that life is dependent on knowledge and awareness.

Montag learns through the medics that reviving suicide attempts is a very common act.

The commonality of suicide attempts and saves blurs the line between life and death in this futuristic society.

If books are found, they are burned and their owner is arrested.

If the owner refuses to abandon the books, as is the case with the Old Woman, he or she often dies, burning along with them.In Fahrenheit 451, owning and reading books is illegal.Members of society focus only on entertainment, immediate gratification and speeding through life.Although they become extremely upset after listening to what he reads, they are able to experience true emotion.In Montag's view, this emotion will give these women a fuller and more satisfying life.Finally, in the Afterword to Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury clearly expresses his own sensitivity to attempts to restrict his writing.For example, he feels censored by letters suggesting he should give stronger roles to women or black men.Montag, in his belief that knowledge reigns, fights against a society that embraces and celebrates ignorance.The fireman's responsibility is to burn books, and therefore destroy knowledge.People with interests outside of technology and entertainment are viewed as strange, and possible threats.In the book, Bradbury doesn't give a clear explanation of why censorship has become so great in this futuristic society. Fast cars, loud music, and massive advertisements create an over stimulated society without room for literature, self-reflection, or appreciation of nature.


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