Facts About Cars Causing Air Pollution

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This is very hard to manage since the number of vehicles on the road grow with the population of the planet.Lead causes damage to the nervous system and presents a host of health conditions.Too much exposure to lead leads to learning impairment, behavioural disorders and damage to the kidneys, reproductive organs, and immune systems.Usually, government agencies calculate this number by modelling air pollutant concentrations over a specified average period of time using an air monitor.Air Quality Indices are described in colours as well which are the following- Prevention is better than cure, and the first step towards ensuring the well-being of your kids is by educating them about the hazards and dangers of air pollution.Hundreds of years ago, before the industrial age, we didn’t worry about our air, but with the industrial boom, humanity’s concern about air pollution increased - and with good reason.Nowadays, we can no longer take breathing for granted.Think diesel fumes, which by the way is so nasty it should have its own category; )Okay, it's not just diesel burning that puts sulfur dioxide in the air; it's just combustion, once again -- of coal, oil..DIESEL.Part of the sulfur dioxide gets dissolved in rain water (it's very water-soluble gas, for all the chemical girls out there) and comes down as ACID RAIN..joy.....the rest of it goes into YOU when you inhale.There are different kinds of pollution, some visible and some invisible, some directly caused by humans, some by nature.Any substance that we introduce to the atmosphere which disrupts the balance and has damaging effects to our environment is called Air Pollution. Factories and petroleum refineries release large amounts of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other chemicals into the atmosphere.


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