Every Man Is Architect Of His Own Fortune Essay

Every Man Is Architect Of His Own Fortune Essay-3
Do not let your belief be limited, and never fear anything, do what you fear and your fear will certainly disappear.

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Among Hindus there is a well-known saying that the creation is Brahma's dream; in other words that all manifestation is the dream of the Creator.And according to that plan man has to go through his destiny.No doubt one should not use this to support the argument of some fatalists who think that they can sit back comfortably and wait for better times to come.Without health you cannot labor and without hard work you cannot make your own destiny.In the process of creating your own destiny, it is important to examine and discuss all the aspects of your life – personal and professional – and then plan accordingly to achieve happiness and success.Many people have the view that karma is the doer of everything. Such people believe they are fated by their karma to be like they are and there is nothing that can change them.For an intelligent person it is all deceptive, such a person will never put restrictions on his ability.And it is man who brings these about either knowingly or unknowingly.There is a hint of this in the Bible, in the principal prayer taught by Christ, in which it is said, ' Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' It is a psychological suggestion to mankind to make it possible that the will of God, which is easily done in heaven, should also be done on earth.An intellectual man believes that he has to make his own destiny with his thoughts and actions.By saying ‘it’s my destiny and I cannot change it’, a person is only limiting is abilities and is creating walls around him that will not break until the person wants to break them down with power of his thoughts and actions. It is a simple question, but very difficult to answer – Do we control our own destiny?


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