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The second connection is character development, which is shown through strong film techniques.They all have a lead character such as John Ryan, Skeeter Phelan, Derek Vinyard and Walt Kowalski that all have similar cultural perspectives from tough social backgrounds.

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The theme prejudice is significant in the films because it is a premature judgement and is a conflicting attitude towards people or groups in society.

This connection can affect a person’s behaviour and approach that can potentially lead to discrimination to others.

Derek says “I do not respect anyone who lets these monkeys in the streets” he is discriminating monkeys that are referred to like blacks. This film is important because it sends a message to the viewer that racism can be turned around and forgotten about.

He believes that Police do not have the privilege to let African-Americans into societies because they only cause crime. The film shows a never ending cycle of Prejudice as Danny is shot by an African-American due to his social views on ethnic groups.

The film is relevant because the cycle needs to stop in society in order to respect everyone; everyone deserves to be treated equally because we are all the same.

Finally the fourth film that shows Prejudice is ‘Gran Torino’ directed by Gran Torino.

The four texts used in this essay are ‘Crash”, ‘The Help’, ‘American History X’ and ‘Gran Torino’ that are based on the two connections Prejudice and Character Development.

They have shown similar traits how a lead character is influenced from prejudices in societies and have change on their perspectives on life.

The woman who served as the help were treated poorly, they had to have different bathrooms because they were accused of carrying diseases and were only able to have one set of cutlery utensils.

This is shown through the film technique of the camera shot; this is a long-shot of Hilly Holbrook looking down over Aibileen.


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