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The rest of Fitzgerald's life was spent writing stories and screenplays that would pay for her treatment, both in and out of institutions.

In 1937, Fitzgerald went to Hollywood, met Sheila Graham, worked under contract for M-G-M, and accumulated material for his last novel, while Zelda remained in the East.

Those who recognized the more serious side of his talent as it was evidenced particularly in his best stories and novels included Edmund Wilson, George Jean Nathan, H. Many of Fitzgerald's critical opinions went into the public domain when he published his Crack-up essays in Esquire in the late 1930's, his dark night of the soul.

Regarded by some in Fitzgerald's time as self-pitying, these essays are now often anthologized and widely quoted for the ideas and theories about literature and life that they contain.

Fitzgerald also wrote essays and autobiographical pieces, many of which appeared in the late 1930's in Esquire and are now collected, among other places, in The Crack-Up (1945).

The story collections published by Charles Scribner's Sons contained fewer than a third of the 165 stories that appeared in major periodicals during his lifetime; now, virtually all of Fitzgerald's stories are available in hardcover collections.When Fitzgerald was eleven, the family returned to St. With Mc Quillan money Fitzgerald was sent for two painfully lonely years to private school, the Newman School in Hackensack, New Jersey.Discovering there a flair for writing musical comedy, Fitzgerald decided that he would attend Princeton, whose Triangle Club produced a musical comedy each year.Fitzgerald returned to New York, worked for an advertising firm, and revised his novel, including in it details from his courtship with Zelda.When Charles Scribner's Sons agreed in September, 1919, to publish the novel, Fitzgerald was able to claim Zelda, and they were married in April of the following year.Paul and then to Great Neck, New York, where they lived among the Astors and Vanderbilts while Fitzgerald accumulated material that would figure in The Great Gatsby.In the decade that followed the publication of that novel, the Fitzgeralds lived, among other places, on the French Riviera, which would provide the background for Tender Is the Night.The first two years of their marriage were marked by wild parties, the self- destructive mood of which formed the basis for some of the scenes in Fitzgerald's second novel, The Beautiful and Damned.After a trip to Europe, the Fitzgeralds returned first to St. His work appeared regularly in the 1920's and 1930's in such mass circulation magazines as the Saturday Evening Post, Hearst's, Hearst's International, Collier's, and Redbook. Curiously, Fitzgerald has appealed to two diverse audiences since the beginning of his career: the popular magazine audience and the elite of the literary establishment.


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