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According to Wanish (2009), each component is important and one cannot function well without the others.This paper will define the four functions of management individually, and explain how they relate to a restaurant chain known as Carl jr. It is hard for most people to think of these organizations as the corporate type.

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This causes the workers not to be able to lead other workers or new recruits.

In an organization such as Hardees, leading is passed down.

This leads for shift managers and employees to also lead by example.

Employees often have to show other employees how to perform tasks.

This paper will explain how these types of businesses, although they are represented differently, are run like most corporate organizations.

Planning is the first and base of the four functions of management.

Poor performance can lead to faithful customers never returning and spreading the bad experience to other customers.

The four functions of management are all important to any organization.

Planning relates to the Hardees franchise because the corporate angle has to decide which ideas are marketable, and which are not. According to Bateman & Snell (2009), “Organizing is assembling the resources needed to complete the job and coordinating employees and tasks for maximum success”. This process helps to run the organization smoothly.

Organizing the organization works within and outside of management. Each unit is responsible for specific tasks, and the units come together to discuss the overall plan for the entire organization.


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