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He was in the middle of a complicated intersection between 202 and 287 when he realized he was about to miss a left-hand exit.He made an abrupt left turn across traffic, and his car was hit broadside by the car in the next lane. He was coming to us for the birthday party, and my aunt spent the night with us afterwards.I could see the man’s strengths and his vulnerabilities, and offer them to the reader.

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Our experiences shape us as human beings, which comes even before our being writers.

So the way we see the world is shaped in part by our family members—who may be scornful of scholarship, or sentimental about holidays, or Puritanical about emotions.

Actually, Scoville had already been brought to the public view, though in a less direct manner.

He was the model for a character in my 2008 novel, Cost.

Edward’s egotism plays a significant part in the family dynamic, in which his daughters shift away from him, putting distance between themselves and their powerful father.

The continuing tension, between love and resentment, play a large part in what happens within the family. Learning about my uncle gave me access to a personality that would provide this power and charisma.But my family—Beechers, Scovilles, Trumbulls, Dawsons, Morgans—has members who live in both the public and private realm.This isn’t uncommon, of course, (and we have no-one really famous among us, no presidents or billionaires) but what’s uncommon is that we have so many writers.(Let me say at once that no-one else in Cost is based on my uncle’s family, nor is its narrative based on theirs.) I can’t remember how I happened to let Uncle Billy audition for Edward, but once I began doing research I was hooked.I’d never about known this dark side of his story—his involvement with the horrific medical fad of lobotomies, nor of the public health crisis after the War, the recklessness of surgical experimentation, the egos involved. Compassion is not a bad way to understand someone, as Chekhov shows us.We can’t help it, no matter what we’re writing about.Our first encounters with the world came through our families, and we learned how to respond to it through the responses around us.Luke sets out in detail the scientific context of the operation, and the consequences of it, and those of my uncle and his career, in the world of medicine.My novel, Cost, is the exploration of three generations of a family as they cope with heroin addiction and Alzheimer’s.All my discoveries, of course, were colored by my knowledge of the man. I needed to know how my uncle could act like this—do things so drastic, so irreversible, so apparently brutal—and still be human? For a novelist, what happens inside a family is the most powerful story there is: look at Tolstoy and Shakespeare and Woolf. I wanted a man whose power would be enormous (the father’s always is) and would be so intrusively commanding that it would continue to affect the family through the generations.He was handsome, charismatic and dashing, with his thick slicked-back black hair, patrician nose, gleaming new sports cars. Edward is self-centered, intelligent, brilliant and arrogant, traits which have powerful effects on his wife and his children and his grandchildren.


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