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There are so many questions because there are presently so many available options. And now, with Kickstarter, we also raise the money.Her pledge kicked off a monthlong fundraising effort that would culminate in a room full of hardcover books, a publishing think tank and the means to begin experimenting with books on the i Pad. is a book best described as a guide to some of the hidden galleries and museums in the city.

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Covers are hand-printed with care to ensure identical results. Because even though the publishing world is in turmoil, designers are more than ever turning to special printing processes for covers and posters.

Watching this fragile process makes me appreciate even more the miracle that is each of these books. Printing processes in which his operation specializes. Whether this is really true or not doesn't matter much to me.

For those creating projects, there are three points to consider when setting goals: The slippers are mine. They put the wrong company name, but I can’t blame them because I had just changed it the day before. The second is his calm — he's the buddha of silk screening.

Naturally, the slippers are too small and I spend the morning in the warehouse performing that tip-toe dance foreigners in Japan are so familiar with. He and his assistants are endlessly amused that I wanted to come and investigate their facilities, and flattered enough that they give us an hour and half tour.

The Five Stages of Service Learning—investigation, preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration—provide a reliable process.

By understanding how each stage works, youth become effective community changemakers. To bring beautiful, well-considered things into the world. My goal here is to outline what we did and why we did it, with the hope of inspiring anyone with an itch, gumption and a good narrative, to do the same. It's a story that I hope will change how you think about all of these topics. Advancements in affordability of printing, promotion and distribution has significantly lowered the barrier to entry for would-be publishers. I want to share with you a story about books, publishing, fundraising and seed capital.So I find myself in the bowels of a giant, award-winning, local printer, who in return for our supporting of their efforts showed a warm hospitality, and a deep appreciation for our defining the goals for the Kickstarter project: make enough books to generate substantial returns.It's not perfect but I was proud of it when we completed it and I still am.I spent a good chunk of 2009 thinking about the convergence of digital and analog in the publishing world, and this year (2010) I began to speak publicly and publish articles on the subject.Pledges are tiered, with each tier offering different incentives.If your project doesn’t reach your pre-set time limit, nobody pays.


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