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This will help dispel stereotypes that might be created in thehome.

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Thisdebate was very important because its publicity provided the grounds for theargument that America is a pluralistic society and to study only one peoplewould not accurately portray what really makes up this country.

Proponents of multicultural education argue that it offers students abalanced appreciation and critique of other cultures as well as our own(Stotsky 64).

Sinceeducation is at the root of the problem, it might be appropriate to use anexample in that context.

Although the debate at Stanford University ran muchdeeper than I can hope to touch in this paper, the root of the problem was asfollows: In 1980, Stanford University came up with a program – later knownas the “Stanford-style multicultural curriculum” which aimed to familiarizestudents with traditions, philosophy, literature, and history of the West.

Teachers certainly will pick up on educational aspects from othercountries.

If, for instance, a teacher has a minority student from a differentcountry every year, he or she can develop a well rounded teaching style thatwould in turn, benefit all students.

There are many variations on thesethemes as will be discussed later in this paper.

In the 1930’s several educators called for programs of cultural diversitythat encouraged ethnic and minority students to study their respectiveheritages.

This has, in turn, spun a greatdebate over multiculturalism.

Some of the issues under fire are who isbenefiting from the education, and how to present the material in a way so asto offend the least amount of people.


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