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They have set the parameters for an incredible goal for us and it all starts with you. For it to work, EVERYONE has to get involved and do their part.Rochester already has a great goal to help combat some environmental issues.One more thing before I go and this one is so important: Tell your children.

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It is our duty to care for the environment and take care of it because it takes care of us.

We don’t have to do anything huge like inventing a way to clean oceans or anything (a 21-year old kid already did that) but it’s the little everyday things you can do.

This is a tough compromise because it sounds like we’re getting rid of jobs in the agriculture industry.

We could actually be creating jobs by switching over from large scale agriculture to animal husbandry.

People living some distance away from coalmines shared only an anxiety about the environmental problems resulting from coal mining.

They were basically aware of the hazards, but knew less about it in terms of its frequency of occurrence and severity.Since only a small literate and upper income group in the Damodar Coalfield region usually read newspapers, the role of the media was not significant in India in disseminating information on environmental problems.As expected, the level of awareness of the environmental pollution, analyzed from responses to a modified version of the standard natural hazard research questionnaire in the Damodar Valley coalfields was generally high in urban areas.In October 2015, Mayor Ardell Brede stated that Rochester will use 100 percent sustainable energy by the year 2031.This will mostly consist of solar energy and will minimize our carbon emissions.We need to educate our children and raise environmentally conscious kids that will grow up and have a hunger for environmental change. Seuss said it best when he said “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” That line is from his book The Lorax which is a children’s book that outlines the importance of trees for a healthy environment. Grab your kids and check out the Earth Fest activities here in Rochester!In contrast public awareness of environmental problems in the Damodar coalfields is derived mainly from direct exposure to pollutants, and to a lesser degree from reports in the media.Considering the relatively high degree of subsidence, fire, and air and water pollutions in the Damodar Coal towns such as Jharia, Katragarh, Dhanbad, Kulti and Barakar, this is not surprising.Indian respondents defined their awareness of pollution in terms of an effect such as coal dust or dirt causing damage to health or clothes.It was great of him to use his fame to be an advocate for the environment.Senator Bernie Sanders has also been using environmental awareness in his presidential campaign.


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