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Therefore, parents should permit their children to establish a reasonable time to arrive home while still suggesting that “too late” does exist (Hatter 1).

Some people say that curfews are a pointless restraint of freedom.

Though many people stereotype about gang violence, one could easily see the flaws and assumptions after research.

Based on survey results, the number one reason for community curfews is the thought of unruly gang associations acting during the criminal justice system can do can bring back our son. Teenage curfew laws should be removed because they are unjust and ineffective. For instance, an article that explains the statistics of teenage crime; it mentioned that, “The number of school days in a year is essentially equal to the number of non-school days in a year.

A false sense of security exists as one of the disadvantages of teenage curfews.

Parents assume that when they force their children home at a certain time, they will not participate in anything immoral, but that is not always true.Teenagers would feel more pressured to sneak out if their friends were participating in something that they could not be a part of due to their curfew.If parents rely on curfews to protect their children from negative activities, they will eventually notice teenagers contain their own willpower (Hatter 1).Today law enforcement is criminalizing innocent activity because of curfews those years also.These statistics bring us to a certain point where something must be done to decrease juvenile crime and keep teenagers safe.If cities set curfews for minors, they would not even be allowed to stand in the yard of their own home without parental supervision during the curfews’ hours.Curfews could also take away from busy teenagers’ social lives.No matter Since teenage drivers are often discriminated against for their driving skills, improvements are being looked into.A survey on news stands today shows, “61 percent of teens admit to risky driving habits” (“Teens Risky Driving” 1).Teenagers love being involved in different types of activities, and if they participate in school sports, school events, or after school jobs, they could receive the title of being a criminal if they violate their curfews. Even though it is believed that curfew helps to reduce teenage crime “research has found that juvenile crime rates in such cities as San Francisco actually went down when curfews were abolished” (Irvine).Placing curfews for minors limit their freedom and rights, and in addition, they could keep them from participating in activities that could help them mature (Moufarrege). In this city, curfew laws created a problem that was reduce after the city got rid of the law.


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