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However, every once in a while, there comes about a person that swims against the tide: They possess a stunningly clean record and advocate for the unpopular stances.

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The achievements of Barack Obama are unparalleled in America’s political history.Lastly, Obama is best known for his devotion and love for his family.There are numerous instances where the former US president exemplifies the model son and Dyson’s scholarly effort to bring race to the center of our understanding of the Obama years by elucidating the president’s challenges, successes, and shortcomings.While he is mostly very successful in this endeavor, Dyson’s analysis tends to gloss over the unprecedented obstructionism that President Obama faced during his two terms, leaving the reader with the distorted sense that the president simply lacked the willpower or courage to improve black America’s position in the United States.Primarily, he was the first black president (D'Antonio 20).This is observed as a culmination of the struggles of Martin Luther King Junior, and Malcolm X.The world seldom witnesses such remarkable attributes in politicians. Barack Obama fits the bill for an admirable person.His character, achievements, and devotion to his family make him my most admirable figure. His charm and eloquence; coupled with a non- confrontational attitude towards naysayers, endeared him to many people (Debenedetti).Besides, he signed into law the veterans’ act that increased funding for the veterans program; putting an end to a long- inconclusive debate on veteran welfare.The apex of Obama’s achievements is the recalling of American troops from Afghanistan.


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