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These, along with the small, personal additions that I will add to my project, will definitely get me somewhere. I have to make sure that I try as hard as I can to achieve.

Hopefully my knowledge and determination will pull me all the way through to be able to move on to the future cities competition. After it all, even if I don’t move on, I know that all will be worth while because of how diligently I worked.

Below is their essay, photos of their project, and final reflections!

Future City is a worldwide engineering competition, for students in grades 6-8, centered around city planning.

What was most important to my project, I feel, are the essential rules that must be followed, such as the specific dimensions that are the limits of height, width, and length.

Also, I am sure it could be a common mistake is keeping the model to scale.

This will prove to be an increasingly difficult challenge, even though we aren't laying out the actual blueprints, but creating a tiny city on a board. The forest will still be preserved and even though in the future concrete and grounds will be more developed at least one tree in front of every house to keep pollution and our oxygen at least kind of healthy.

I've still only scratched the surface of what we will need in an actual city, but I have a feeling that once we begin the Sim City part, we will begin to understand what a proper community needs. Houses with motion censors and automatic bathrooms and lights. In top of factories and roof tops some large air purifier also to help the environment. Other ways and power plants to reduce the waste of energy by using energy in most places. All the buildings mad of strong yet light weight material.

~by Jackie (originally posted on [1] Why is this open to the public????? Like when you walk in a room depending on the time it would say good morning... the evolution of my future city is already amazing me in just the enhance thinking about tit. --11nascimentot , 28 October 2006 (UTC) In what ways will the basic human needs and wants will be satisfied by your future city design?

For our Future City, we need to consider the basic needs and wants a lot when we are designing the city.


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