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You already know what you want to say, and how you want to say it. Since you know what point you’re building toward, you can aim your writing in that direction. You can sit down, elaborate on a few important points, then take a break. Your paper will be clean, precise, and straightforward. For example, if I want to use Barrack Obama to navigate toward a conversation about medical insurance, I’m going to cater my quotes and information to hit that point. When you come back, you’ll still be in the exact same place you were before. Your professor will appreciate the amount of thought you put into the structure of your essay. Before we move on and talk about actually writing your rough draft, we’re going to give you a quick step-by-step guide to creating an outline. I have been a school captain in Team Handball and Badminton.

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Just see what you can create based on your subject.

Chances are, you’ll find that writing an outline helps you formulate and connect ideas and stay on track. Organize your paper in a stepping-stone fashion with both numerals and letters from the alphabet.

I want to treat everyone – junior or senior- with utmost reverence. This didn’t start yesterday- I have always loved to give up my seats to elders in the train since I was young. I love to make my points in a way that won’t hurt those around me.

I always desire to respectful even to those who least deserve it. Well, I probably got this trait from my life as a sportsperson.

Respect, principles, sportsmanship and leadership are some of them.

As a quick learner, I love to change every behavior that doesn’t make me a better person.

Anyway, it may be a little difficult to explain who I am.

However, there are qualities that are an outright depiction of me.

If you want to talk about prison reform and Hillary Clinton, but the whole subject in the same line. Barrack Obama It just makes your outline neater and easier to understand. Add to your outline as you come up with more ideas. That way, you don’t have to worry about quote placement after you’ve written your essay.

If there’s something you want to quote in your paper, it should already be included in the outline.


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