Essay On My Mother For Class 9 In Marathi

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She feels that they all had a lot of fun when they went to school. As told earlier, the story is set in the future and it is set in the year 2157, so almost one and a half century that is 140 years from now).So, when we read the story we feel that school life is very good, and we are fortunate that we have real schools where we go, meet friends and get a chance to study together. At that time, Margie writes an entry in her diary and she writes that ‘Tommy found a real book’ and she is feeling so strange because in her times, real books do not exist. So, books in the format of print on paper are extinct and so, Margie is astonished to see a real book. He told her that his grandfather studied all the books that were printed on paper.By Ruchika Gupta CBSE class 9 English Lesson- The Fun they had. This story is regarding school life and how those children who do not got to school, miss school.

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Margie is talking about the book that Tommy had found.

She says that the pages of the book had turned yellow, and they had been crushed as it was very old.

So, in the e-books how it happens, the text keeps on moving as your screen moves but it was different in the books printed on paper.

This was a very strange experience for these children.

So, the mechanical teacher did not have any memory of it and had to be taken away for repair.

Tommy was looking at Margie with superior eyes because he knew something that Margie was not aware of.

So, whenever you go back the text is different.“Gee,” said Tommy, “what a waste.

When you’re through with the book, you just throw it away, I guess.

So, this kind of a book is historical or ancient for them.

Something which they cannot believe, they can’t imagine.


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