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India too followed with Dadasaheb Phalke's silent film Raja Harishchandra, marking the birth of Indian Cinema in 1913 under the colonial rule.Since then movies have evolved exceptionally not only in technology but also in content and genre.On the contrary movies like Bandit Queen and Paan Singh Tomar have painted a different picture being victims of the evils of the society.

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Like seeing the same movie Titanic, different people may influenced towards different actions..

As our minds perceive things very distinctively and differently it differs from person to person.

Although such movies have been popular in the west for quite some time but it was the international recognition of the progress of the nation which motivated Indian film industry to pay its homage to modern India's icons in the form of biographical movies.

These movies celebrated the pride of India becoming an august nation of the world.

The changing trends in films reflect the changes taking place in our society.

In recent times most of the award-winning films are those which have urban setting with all its glamour and dark sides, exposing sex, violence and crime.Cinema, like other modes of media, is inspired and influenced by the society and it portrays it colourfully.A glance at the Indian films produced recently confirms to this fact.So cinema, a combination of these three, invariably presents man and his life in society.In Natyashastra, Bharatamuni declares that art is the search for truth.On the other hand Mary Kom an Indian woman boxer who has won repeatedly the world boxing championship and an Olympic medal battled society and failure.These movies have a deep impact on the youth, by motivating them to dream big, work hard and passionately irrespective of the conditions or the customs.Over the years they have influenced people in many distinct ways, with the angry young man of the seventies and the love stories of the nineties the films have always been able to capture the prevailing popular culture.The past decade has seen a substantial increase in biographical movies in India.All in all biographical films are a good source of entertainment, morals and values.I have also think about this topic time to time but never find a good answer to myself.


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