Essay On How Computers Have Changed The World

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Obviously, because digital ones are reproducible, portable and free.Around the globe many schools have implemented educational technology in primary schools, universities and colleges.According to the statistics, in the early beginnings of 1990s the use of Internet in schools was, on average, 2-3%.

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When an innovation achieves a certain point after it has been presented and promoted, this technology becomes part of the society.

The use of technology in education provides students with technology literacy, information literacy, capacity for life-long learning and other skills necessary for the 21st century workplace.

But with the uncensored sources from the internet, without proper supervision, children can be exposed to explicit material at inappropriate ages.

This comes in the forms of premature interests in experimenting with makeup or opening an email account or social media page—all of which can become a window for predators and other dangerous entities that threaten a child's innocence. The overuse of technology is said to be associated with sleep deprivation which is linked to obesity and poor academic performance in the lives of adolescents.

Another instance of the negative effects of technology in society, is how quickly it is pushing younger generations into maturity.

With the world at their fingertips, children can learn anything they wish to.

Primatologist, Richard Wrangham, theorizes that the control of fire by early humans and the associated development of cooking was the spark that radically changed human evolution.

Texts such as Guns, Germs, and Steel suggest that early advances in plant agriculture and husbandry fundamentally shifted the way that collective groups of individuals, and eventually societies, developed.

In ancient history, economics began when spontaneous exchange of goods and services was replaced over time by deliberate trade structures.

Makers of arrowheads, for example, might have realized they could do better by concentrating on making arrowheads and barter for other needs.


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