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They bound the sacrificial victim of the ancients, and from the earliest times have been woven into garlands for the victor, trembled in the hair of the bride, and cheered the invalid's solitude.They have been offered at the shrine of beauty, and claimed as the pledges of love, nor ceased to adorn the banquet, or be scattered over the grave.The infinite variety of form, the exquisite combination of tints, the diversity of habits and odorous luxuries they boast, it would require an elaborate treatise to unfold.

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They have probably played an important part in human society ever since mankind dwelled in caves. Cities, towns and villages, plant them in public areas and throughout residential areas.

Civic halls are decorated with the brightest of flowers, deep scarlets, bright yellows, vibrant violets and delicate blues.

Traffic roundabouts and public parks have scores of seasonal plants, spring will see snowdrops, crocus and daffodils, and in summer they treat us to various roses, geranium, gladioli and even hollyhocks.

Floral tributes are often placed at the sides of the road where automobile accidents have occurred and flowers are an important part of expressing grief.

Many will be familiar with the above phrase, floral bouquets are often used to apologise, thank, express regret or let a special someone know how much we love them.

Their bright colours liven up ceremonial parades, decorate carnival floats, and are often central to many rituals and religious festivals. that in dewy splendour, Weep without woe, and blush without a crime, Oh, may I deeply learn, and ne'er surrender, Your lore sublime. I attended church on a fine day of midsummer, in one of the most beautiful villages of New England.They were most inartificially and tastefully arranged; the brilliant tints judiciously blended, the shadowy green naturally disposed, and the base of the jar which contained them wreathed with trailing blossoms.M'Gregor's foot was more firmly planted, because upon his " native heather;" the Syrian, in the Jardin des Plantes, wept as he clasped his country's Palm-tree; Keats said in his last illness that he felt the Daisies growing over him; and one who, even in renowned maturity, had wandered little from the singleness of childhood, declared that he could never see a Marigold without his mouth's watering at the idea of those swimming in the broth Simple Susan prepared for her mother, in Miss Edge worth's little story.There is no end to the caressing allusions of Petrarch to the Violet and the Laurel, so identified with the dress and name of his beloved.Instead of looking at them through the microscopic lens of mere curiosity, or according to the fanciful and hackneyed alphabet that floral dictionaries suggest, let us note their influence as symbols and memorials.To analyse the charm of flowers is like dissecting music; it is one of those things which it is far better to enjoy than to attempt to understand.In observing the relation of flowers to life and character, I have often been tempted to believe that a subtle and occult magnetism pervaded their atmosphere; that inscriptions of wisdom covered their leaves; and that each petal, stem, and leaf, was the divining-rod or scroll that held an invisible truth.* Somewhat abridged from the Horticulturist.Viewed abstractedly, one of the peculiar attractions of flowers is the fact that they seem a gratuitous development of beauty: " they toil not, neither do they spin." In almost every other instance in nature, the beautiful is only incidental to the useful; but flowers have the objectless, spontaneous luxury of existence that belongs to childhood.The spirit of beauty in no other inanimate embodiment comes so near the heart.Flowers are related to all the offices and relations of human life.


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