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The symptoms one experiences when suffering with a phobia include profuse sweating, headaches, extreme nausea and a variety of other physical symptoms.

I can say that I generally meant well, but that doesn’t always hold up over time. (Write your shame write your shame write your shame) The shame-words flow easy and I trust that I placed them in sentences in such a way that you can see that I wasn’t bad. But every year my children get older and older and now my son is teetering on the verge of high school. (No one reads essays no one reads essays no one reads essays) But they do read books. I do so many things in life planning to be braver later on down the road.

I think it is important to speak unspeakable stories. Somewhere there is a girl/woman/person who is also wrapped in a moth-eaten trench coat of shame and they need to know they aren’t the only one.

Unlike love that is given to the prince and can easily be taken away, fear is the prince’s tool and his alone....

[tags: Fear] - Phobias: The Irrational Fear Phobias are irrational fear to a person, place or object and they are classified as an anxiety disorder. Phobias affect approximately nineteen million individuals, with the fears ranging from blood to women and every thing in between.

He went on to write that fear was only powerful when wielded with care and when abused could quickly become counterproductive and result in being hated by the people.

Fear was potent because it was the prince’s creation.Watson also added that the loss of body support evokes fear.In families parental physical punishments, verbal reprimand, forced toilet training; doctors with injection syringe are the causes of emotion.In adult life the loss of security on account of unemployment, retirement, demise of companions, natural calamities like super cyclone or plague, poi unrest and old age etc. Due to fear, the behaviors affected are: pounding of heart, and rapid pulse rate, tense muscles, dryness of the throat, churning in the stomach, frequent nature-call for urinal trembling, confusion, fainting, inability to concentrate, wetting and soling one’s dress and crying aloud etc.Responses to the fear emotion are usually expressed through anxiety, flight and feeling miserable.But every time he touched the rat he was hearing a loud sound, which made him frightened of rat. The child comes to fear both lightning and thunder as one follows the other. Fear also is learned through contact with punitive objects (for example, electric shock while exploring an open switch board).Some are learnt through imitation of parental and sibling fears.It is known from experimental studies that phobias can develop through classical conditioning.These irrational fears can be eliminated and cured through classical conditioning methods.Fear to the objects or events, when becomes irrational, is called “phobia” Phobic reactions of fear are persistent and intense, and not based on so judgment.For example, fears of public speaking, fear of public toilet, fear of eating in public are the examples of social phobia.


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