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sung by the Adult Choir, sermon by the Rev’d Borden Painter.

Organ Trumpet Voluntary is Dutch and fist showed up in the 1680s.

Organ Sheep may safely graze Quiet and serene, this pastoral setting of Psalm 23 offers a sweeping Rutter melody and a gorgeous oboe solo that hovers gently above the choir.

It creates an ethereal moment that so capably interprets the peaceful assurance of the beloved text.

Borne aloft by the composer’s wonderfully wrought harmonization, it brings the story of creation to its ordained climax – that ultimate moment when “the former things are passed away” – and evokes St.

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John’s vision of heaven, one so sublime as to ease the pain and sorrow of even the saddest heart.

sung by the Adult Choir, sermon by the Rev’d Water Mc Kenny.

Voluntary Allegro Cantabile (Symphony V) is a familiar hymn of comfort.

Ned Rorem’s plaintive uses a simple hymn-like texture combined with modern harmonies to create a beautiful lullaby.

sung by the Youth and Adult Choirs, sermon by the Rev’d Walter Mc Kenney.


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