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UMichigan is a university that prides itself in the openness and connection of its community, both between students on campus and between the university and the city of Ann Arbor.

The school wants to read about how you grow, learn from, and contribute to a group setting and gain a better understanding of you socially.

Make sure, however, to check the website of the UMichigan department that you are interested for application information.

Certain programs have differing deadlines, as well as individual requirements for specific majors that the general application does not have.

For there to be a University of Michigan application without a communities essay would be like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without peanut butter. The peanut butter is absolutely necessary to balance out the taste of jelly. For those not familiar with UMichigan’s own version of peanut butter, their communities essay, which applicants are required to respond to in approximately 250 words, reads as follows: “Everyone belongs to many different communities and/or groups defined by (among other things) shared geography, religion, ethnicity, income, cuisine, interest, race, ideology, or intellectual heritage.

Choose one of the communities to which you belong, and describe that community and your place within it.” The second essay is also required of all first-year applicants and the word count is 500 words: “Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. ” So, yes, our regular readers know well that this is…a Why College essay.

The university wants to hear your story of connecting to your community, and how you have both grown from it and contributed to it.

Quick side-note: if you were asking yourself what “intellectual heritage” is when reading the question, it is basically inherited spiritual and intellectual activities, like art, scientific achievements, music, and literature.

Here, you are asked to reflect on a community that you are a part of, how it has changed you as an individual, and what space/role you fulfill in this community.

Reminder: when an essay has an “approximate” word count, try to match that number.


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