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The behaviors that grease the wheels of fellowship gradually become distilled into a repertoire or pattern of interaction that favors the mean over the eccentric, Emerson says.

But if a person demonstrates otherwise their fitness to enter into this mannered upper class, their eccentricities will become a matter of amusement rather than a threat to the status quo.

Social skills and old school politeness – preferably in Wodehouseian style – are underrated in a society that chooses to stare at its i Phone in an ‘awkward’ situation.

You don’t have to be well read, or ‘posh’ or ‘well-spoken’ (whatever that even means now Radio 4 isn’t read by a wash of fully RP-speaking clones) to have a grasp on these simple things.

The word , which, like the word Christian, must hereafter characterize the present and the few preceding centuries, by the importance attached to it, is a homage to personal and incommunicable properties.

Frivolous and fantastic additions have got associated with the name, but the steady interest of mankind in it must be attributed to the valuable properties which it designates.

Again, the Bornoos have no proper names; individuals are called after their height, thickness, or other accidental quality, and have nicknames merely.

But the salt, the dates, the ivory, and the gold, for which these horrible regions are visited, find their way into countries, where the purchaser and consumer can hardly be ranked in one race with these cannibals and man-stealers; countries where man serves himself with metals, wood, stone, glass, gum, cotton, silk, and wool; honors himself with architecture; writes laws, and contrives to execute his will through the hands of many nations; and, especially, establishes a select society, running through all the countries of intelligent men, a self-constituted aristocracy, or fraternity of the best, which, without written law or exact usage of any kind, perpetuates itself, colonizes every new-planted island, and adopts and makes its own whatever personal beauty or extraordinary native endowment anywhere appears.

When they push onto the tube/bus/train without letting you, or that little old lady, get off first: not just bad manners, but a failure to listen to simple instructions. All of these things and many, many more should be considered bad manners.

Hell, if they don’t mop up after themselves in the loo. Sadly, this attitude leaves one desperately disappointed most of the time.


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