Essay About Myself In Mandarin

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She grew up in the city of Harbin in northern China, and attended college at NYU where she majored in Finance and Management.

In her spare time, Jinna likes to travel, eat, and write about both.

Check out this FREE Chinese lesson: Learn Chinese in Three Minutes - Self-Introductionshttps:// Tobi, Thank you for your comment.

Ngai Lam Team Chinese Class101Hi Tal, Thank you for posting.

Introducing yourself in a business setting takes practice and finesse.

Essay About Myself In Mandarin

By the way, if you don't have a Chinese name yet, you can read our post on how to pick one: Choosing a Name in Chinese. Thank you for learning with us, let us know if you have any questions. I'd say both are equally common, 很高兴认识你 is more like 'pleased to know you', 很高兴见到你 is more like 'pleased to see you'.The entries from the Vocabulary lists don’t have the download feature.However, you can add any selected words to your Word Bank or Flashcard Deck for further studies.Before this, I was at [Former company name] as [position name, for example: as the Director in the IT Department.] I hope that after today, I can count on everyone's support and assistance, and that we can work together happily!Related: The Anatomy of a Business Letter In Chinese Armed with the above sentence structures and vocabulary, you should feel confident about introducing yourself to new Chinese friends and coworkers.生词 – shēnɡ cí – New words: 你 好 – nǐhǎo – Hello 叫 – jiào – to call,to be called来 自 – láizì – come from 中国 – zhōnɡɡuó – China 人 – rén – person,people 很 – hěn – very高兴 – ɡāoxìnɡ – glad 认识 – rènshí – to know汉语 – hànyǔ – Chinese 有意思 – yǒuyìsi – interesting 短文 – duǎn wén – Short passage 你好!我叫Jim。我来自美国。我是美国人。很高兴认识你!我在easy Mandarin学习汉语。汉语不太难,很有意思。 Hello! Thank you for signing up for a free live 1-to-1 lesson at e Chinese Learning! But my question is: are there any other ways to make self introduction in Chinese?It's your first day back in English class and you are given the assignment to write a personal essay. The personal essay is helpful to teachers because it gives them a snapshot of your grasp of the language, composition, and creativity. If you want to master the art of the essay, read great essays! Pay attention to how the end ties back to the beginning. Your teacher has a good reason for this assignment. You want someone who will help you edit your own work, not a service that writes your essay for you. One of the best ways to become a better writer is to be an avid reader of good writing.


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