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Rock music however has been a staple of many generations during the 20th century and its sub genres have now become significant enough to stand on their own.This being a classification essay, we will concentrate on three such genres mainly grunge, metal and psychedelic rock.The genre mainly makes use of guitars with heavy, dirge like riffs supported by an equally strong drumbeat and angst filled vocals.

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Bands like Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, and Lynyrd Skynyrd are only a very few that have endured through the years.

The Division/Classification Essay Essentially, a comic book is a graphic, animated, colorful booklet, which could be black and white as well, and it also tells a story. As crazy as it may seem, music videos also have the same characteristics.

Vocals are usually aggressive but at times indecipherable especially in subgenres like grind core, death metal etc.

Psychedelic rock, some say, started off with Pink Floyd taking the main stage as the leading band of the 70’s.

Groups such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam emerged as the main players and representatives of the youth of that generation.

To this day, Pearl Jam is the only group that still survives from the major four of the grunge movement and after much experimentation has returned to its grunge roots.Roger Waters and David Gilmore inspired a generation of rock artists and musicians the world over but their roots can be traced back to bluegrass artists such as the Living Dead and super groups like Led Zeppelin.The tone is depressive and the music is set to put audiences in a trance like mode, hence the name.Music and its classification are variedly based on the scales and instruments employed in the composition of a piece.With most instruments (such as guitar) being more and more regularly used in almost all genres, it has become ever more difficult to assign a musical piece to a single strict category.However, most of the musical innovations that are used today came about in the1960’s and 1970’s.It was the heyday for these innovations, but it was also the heyday for the music itself. The sad thing is that there are very few of them around today.even though sub genres come and go, rock will forever remain a force to reckon with in the music industry. If you ask most teens what their favorite style of music is, you will probably hear country the least. Most people think that is weird, but I was raised listening to country music. Most country songs tell stories that almost everyone can understand.Hip-hop videos are the most popular simply because they are looked down upon the worst, or the most talked The music video “Invented Sex” sung by Trey Songz is clearly about sex so however sex makes you feel, that’s how you would feel about this video.Then there’s the song “Please Don’t Go” by Tank which exerts the pain of losing a loved one.


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