Essay About Classical Music

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However before the benefits of classical music can be brought to light, it is important to clarify what "classical music" really is.

There are many misconceptions on what classical music is.

For example it has been proven to help the mind, it is also yet another way of expression, and it can also be used as therapy.

One of the most intriguing benefits of classical music is how it helps stimulate the brain.

By increasing the synaptic connection, intelligence is also increased.

"Music, particularly classical music, stimulates the frontal and prefrontal portions of the brain that perform analytical functions." Stated Professor Gordon Shaw from the University of California-Irvine.In school, your teacher may ask you to write an essay related to classical music.Such a task might help you not only develop your writing skills but also increase your knowledge about music, culture, and history.Discuss how Bach’s music differs from the works of other composers of his time and what makes it so great even to this day.Find some common traits of people who like to listen to classical music and discuss them in your paper.Take two great classical music composers and present a comparative analysis of their works in your paper.Once you’ve selected a particular topic related to classical music, you should find and read information about it.Some musical characteristics of classical music are: the use of energetic and orchestral color in a thematic way, the use of rhythm, including periodic structure and harmonic rhythm, to give definition to large-scale forms, along with the use of modulation to build longer spans of tension and release (most of the music is cast in sonata form or closely related forms), and the witty, typically Austrian mixture of comic and serious strains.The importance of classical music can be seen in many different things.The name "classical music" is applied to the Viennese Classical expression, which flourished in the late 18th century, and early 19th do to the brilliance of three main composers.Hayden, Mozart, and Beethoven were the three brilliant minds that are credited for the classical music period.


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