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Count Lazlo Almasy, the English Patient, is a man in an Imperial time and world.The people in this world live by Imperial rules and perpetuate Imperial stereotypes. Gandhi In five pages this paper discusses the obvious differences but also notes surprising similarities between these 20th century leade...

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The film takes place in World War II era Africa, and as the film portrays it, in the mysterious and exotic Sahara desert and in Cairo, Egypt.

Count Almasy’s character lives in the desert among imperial explorers and in the desert environment full of natives who bring to life classic stereotypes full of ignorance and white prevalence and power.

Hana decides to stay with the dying English patient, whom she loves like her own father, in the makeshift hospital, despite being told how dangerous it was for her....

Simultaneously, there is a groundbreaking love story happened among those four characters under that time frames.

It reaches the young boys through film and through romantic and exotic images excites the lust for adventure and power that seem to be inherent in a young boy’s DNA.

Another main point of the chapter is that the romance that is usually associated with the native peoples of the colony, the environment, and the colonizer taming both serves as further stimulus for the imperial drive; “…romance provided empire with its aura of nobility” (101).If we take Hana as a first example we might simply say that she is a canadian nurse aiding injured soldiers during the second world war.This statement can be referred to as social identity – it is the way Hana behaves within society.Ella Shohat and Robert Stam, authors of Unthinking Eurocentrism, believe that the Imperial attitudes that the British government and the Western imperial society initiated, continue today and are alive in the cinema.The film, “The This newfound technology of film was just another way for the empire to spread its ideas and power over the world; “…the culture of empire authorized the pleasure of seizing ephemeral glimpses of its ‘margins’ through travel and tourism” (102).Those four main people are included, a burned Englishman Ladislaus de Almasy, a twenty-year old French-Canadian Army nurse Hana, a Sikh British Army sapper Kip, and Canadian thief David Caravaggio....In his hands, even the documents of history slide away from factual representation toward a haunting apprehension of indeterminacy." (Barbour 207).“Life is made up of many windows and real life is only one of them.“ The question is, which of these identities will I present, which of them will I develop and how do I realize other persons´ identities?In the novel “The English patient” both of the above mentioned identities can be discovered within all the expressingly dynamic characters.This distinction is widely known as “patchwork-identity”.Both identities are only a subgroup of many different subjectively interpreted identities that everyone of us has innate.


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