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Take courses that range from Documentary & Avant Garde Cinema to Film Exhibition & Programming.Watch screenings at the Campus Theatre, a 1941 art deco movie house with 35mm film capacity.BTEC Level 3 in Digital Media, available at Key Stage 5, allows students the opportunity to take a more practical approach with extended production and research projects which involve learning practical skills for creative media environment.

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The department provides a scholarly, creative and professional approach to the study of media and is committed to helping each student discover his or her unique talents as an independent artist and communicator.

Strengthen the analytical, artistic and communication skills you'll need to succeed in the film/media industry and many other careers.

The practical skills learnt can be used in a variety of settings in school such as ICT, Graphic Design and Art.

Students also learn how to present ideas by different audiences which is a skill that is useful both in school and for future careers.

Students studying creative writing, literature, film/media studies, art & art history, music and theatre are eligible for scholarships that range from $2,500 to $20,000 per year.

Media and Film have become an integral part of our culture.Arts Merit Scholarships are available to prospective students.See detailed major & minor requirements The Film/Media Studies Production Clinic offers students real-world experience in producing broadcast-quality content for nonprofit organizations across the country.in Year 9 we provide a Media Studies foundation course until Christmas then students start preparing for the examinations through the following units.- An introduction to Media Studies - i Movie – an introduction to video editing - Adobe Photoshop – photo manipulation skills - Audience research - Print advertisement - Magazines In Year 10 we complete the following coursework assignments through the following units:- Video Games - Newspapers - Film Marketing - Coursework Production of a Print Film Poster and Film Trailer In Year 11 we continue to prepare for the examination and complete the coursework assignment through the following units: -Television Series (in depth study) - Music - including music video, online, social and participatory media (in depth study) - Revision of all the topics studied for the examinations BTEC Level 3 in Creative Media Production This course lasts two years and assessment is completed through two external exams (25% each) and coursework (50%).GCSE Media studies gives students a chance to develop a critical understanding of the role of the media in daily life.It encourages an understanding oif how to use key media concepts to analyse media products and the opportunity for hands-on practical work.Teachers include and engage all students using a variety if teaching methods and approaches as well as the latest available equipment.We have a number of Learning Support Assistants working within our classes to support particular students or particular groups.We endeavour to provide a wide range of learning experiences for our students which will prepare them for further study of the subject and a career in the Industry.At GCSE we follow the WJCE specification which is 70% non-exam assessment and 30% exam.


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