Emerson Thoreau Comparison Essay

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This art of work is a product of a real experience and inspired by the transcendentalism movement.

Not only his writing style is inspired by transcendentalism but also Thoreau applied this movement, idea in his life style and wanted to experience this idea.

Thoreau believes this end can be obtained by minimizing consumerism, and focusing on your connection to yourself and nature rather than trying to outwardly improve your environment.

Thoreau is sometimes considered an anarchist, early environmentalist, and was an active abolitionist.

It can be said that transcendentalism is not only an idea for Thoreau, but it is also must be put into practice in real life and this shows his pragmatic approach.

Thoreau by living in a cabin for two years near Walden Pond which is formally owned by Emerson wanted to create his own perception of society and nature.One of his most famous works is “Walden” which is a reflection on his life at Walden Pond.Like Emerson, Thoreau focuses on the importance of self-reliance.The importance of this work is that transcendentalism arose with this art of work.Transcendentalism is mainly a combination of reason and emotion; in a more detailed way, transcendentalism is about self-reliance.He encourages solitude to reflect on one’s self, and belief in your own moral compass above the prevailing social mores of the time.Thoreau was writer and poet, whose focus was mainly on the importance of a connection with nature and living simply.Secondly, their essays are both inspired from transcendentalism movement.Finally, their theme are both the same, they deal with mainly the idea of ‘nature’.Also, in aspect of the theme, it is obvious that Emerson focuses on the self-reliance and its relation to the nature.He deals with the nature and man in a detailed way and connects these features to each other in a sensible way.


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