Effects Of Smoking Tobacco Essay

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Certain groups of people should not drink alcohol at all.These include young people under the age of 18, pregnant women, people with certain health conditions, patients on medication that will interact with alcohol, recovering alcoholics, and people who intend to drive or do activities that require attention and coordination.

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Besides being a notorious risk factor for lung cancer, coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke, smoking can damage almost any organ in our body, leading to leukaemia and cancers of the kidney, pancreas, bladder, throat, mouth and uterus.

It can damage the airways and air sacs of our lungs to cause chronic bronchitis and breathing difficulties.

Media portrayal of smoking and alcohol use has certainly helped to perpetuate the appeal of these social habits.

The importance of public awareness about the dangers of heavy smoking and drinking has never been greater.

They will usually have younger looking skin and improved fertility.

Their loved ones will be healthier as passive smoking is reduced.

Light drinking is acceptable and may even be beneficial for the heart.

Heavy and binge drinking, on the other hand, can lead to serious medical problems.

Pregnant women who drink heavily can harm their babies.

Both tobacco and alcohol share similar effects on the heart.


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