Effects Of Plastic On Environment Essay

The manufacture of the bags is also viewed as wastage of natural resources as it depletes the quantities of petroleum that could have been potentially helpful in other areas (Vera, 2010).Animals are also negatively affected as consumption of plastic.The nature of the plastic material makes its disposal a challenge that leads into pollution.

Studies indicate that plastic bags constitute 10 percent of waste deposited at the U. Furthermore, the increased deposit of plastic bags at one location leads to increased toxicity as they breakdown into petro-polymers.

In the long run, the toxic substances attributed to these plastic bags end up in the food chain as they are transformed into microscopic particles (World-Wildlife-Fund-Report, 2003).

Dangers of plastic bags Plastic bags present various forms of dangers and hazards to human beings and the environment.

To start with, pose a hygiene problem as their poor disposal leads to blockage of sanitary and drainage systems.

Technology has been used to come up with degradable plastic bags from the combination of plastic with starch or the photogradable type of plastic.

Moreover, the plastic bags can be broken down by use of chemicals so that they dissolve for utilization as protective wax.

It is also important that people be educated and informed on the negative effects of the plastic bags in order to refrain from poor disposal and littering.

In conclusion, the plastic bags are a convenient method of packaging and transport for products but one that is hazardous to the environment, animals and marine wildlife as well as human beings.

Other countries in Europe such as Ireland have imposed heavy taxation on the utilization of plastic bags while in Africa, Rwanda banned the use of the material (Erikson, 2010).

The efforts to prohibit the use of these bags have been limited by the commercial gains attributed to the plastic bags that reduce support for laws against them.


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