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Consequently, in every classroom there are a few students who become bored because they have understood a subject very fast and others who are discouraged quickly because they cannot follow the teacher’s explanations.

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Most of these new jobs are expected to evolve in the quaternary sector, which is composed of knowledge-based and highly demanding service jobs such as in business, legal, and IT functions.

To cope with these rapid developments, we require an excellent education system which prepares students adequately for a career in an unforeseeable environment.

AI technologists are working on solutions to automate the tedious grading process and one successful example is the AI-based grading solution Gradescope, a system which is already used in many universities including Berkeley and Stanford University.

Gradescope asks teachers to scan the students’ handwritten test solutions and automatically applies pre-defined grading criteria to all tests, thereby reducing grading time significantly and providing a transparent grading key to students.

For anyone who is interested in finding out how an AES engine would score their writing skills, I can recommend to sign up for the TOEFL test preparation for free and jump to the writing practice test.24/7 personal student and teacher support Have you ever seen your teaching assistant, who forwards you relevant course information and answers all your questions regarding the course syllabus on campus?

If not, he or she probably does not even exist but is just an AI bot.Rochelle, head of product management at Google, expects that AI applications will soon personalize the learning experience of students by suggesting individual learning objectives, selecting instructional approaches and displaying exercises that are based on the interests and skill level of every student.Just like Netflix shows us the film that we could also like, or Spotify creates a personal playlist based on our historical music choice, AI could suggest to students their most suitable educational setting.However, digitalization has not only affected our private lives but also the vocational world.In her book “The New Education”, university professor Davidson predicts that 65% of jobs that will be available for students in 15 years do not exist yet.Blended learning approaches, in which classroom learning is combined with digital sessions outside the classroom, are much more likely to disrupt traditional education.This concept offers the best of both worlds; the benefits of education technology such as the permanent accessibility of content and the advantages of face-to-face classes, for example, the formation of a community and the development of social skills.In fact, Kraus, president of the German teacher union, estimates that teachers in Germany spend up to 1,000 hours every year on grading depending on the classes and subjects they are teaching.Apart from teachers’ dissatisfaction with the status quo, also students criticize that the grades they receive are in part subjective, inconsistent, and opaque.While Gradescope already works robustly for standardized test formats such as multiple choice tests, a further challenge lies in the grading of longer texts, a discipline also referred to as automated essay scoring (AES).One approach to AES is finding objective measures such as the word length, the number of spelling mistakes, and the ratio of upper case to lower case letters.


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