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If a 4 1 student desires to take graduate level electives classes that are not available to undergraduates, a 4 1 student should take these courses in the fifth year of study.

Trinity students need to plan their undergraduate courses carefully to ensure they allow room in their schedule for graduate level courses in their senior year.

All Ph D students should discuss their plans with their faculty advisor for their research program and with the DMS for their major of interest.

When applying for the MEng degree, he/she should indicate they are already a Ph D student and plan to do the MEng concurrently with his/her Ph D.

*The transfer of credit requires approval of the Director of Master of Engineering Studies (DMS) for the major of interest and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs. That means that you should select your application term based on when you'd like to receive a decision, not on when you'll actually join the MEng program in your 5th year.

AB Duke scholars and other students on a case-by-case basis may be able to allocate up to six courses towards the degree. Example: If you’d like a decision before you take the classes, apply for the term in which you’ll take them.Students should register for these MEng core courses separately from their Ph D courses under their MEng “bookbag” and will be billed for these courses separately from their Ph D.Other MEng courses to be utilized to fulfill the MEng requirements may be taken at anytime while a Ph D student, before or after enrolling in the MEng Program.In order to complete the program in only one additional year, a 4 1 must complete the required internship the summer between the undergraduate degree and the start of the MEng program.The MEng core courses may be available to undergraduates who have been admitted to the 4 1 program on a space available basis.In the fourth year, students work on development of new technologies or engineering approaches (including optimization/system analysis or feasibility analysis, etc.) for improving human health and write a thesis, for which they will receive School of Medicine credit in fulfillment of their Third Year thesis requirement.The MD curriculum requirements for typical Years 1, 2, and 4 (Year 5 for dual students) remain unchanged by this program.For example, if you want to take the classes in Spring, you'd apply for Spring admission to hear back by December 1 of your senior year.Though admitted to MEng while undergraduates, 4 1 students will remain an undergraduate for four years before becoming an MEng student in the fifth year.School of Medicine Third Year thesis credit will be based on submission of a document whose rigor is consistent with current Third Year theses.As with all current Third Year theses, the thesis proposals will require Third Year School of Medicine approval.


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