Do Ghost Exist Essay

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Maybe that person feels watched upon or feel some kind of presence in their home, or even sees shadows moving their way through rooms.

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In a poem we make a haunted land to mimic this haunted one, and that we populate this land with physical reality to connect this world to the next (to other ones).New technology is getting closer to detecting these energies happening in the world today. The history of haunting dates back many years, and more people want to get involved because of the new technology. When we read poems, what is important about reading them, is what we create within the brains of others.This is what makes the possibility of a world past this one possible. "Paranormal Phone Apps Like Ghost Radar Help Smartphone Users Seek Spirits." The Huffington Post. "Top 10 Reasons Ghosts Don’t Exist." Top 10 Reasons Ghosts Don’t Exist. For two summers, I slept in a haunted house, while teaching poetry there through a writing program.The teachers and I had all sorts of encounters with the spirits in the house, but for me, seeing the ghost during my first summer there was the most important event.It also helps us see the doors that connect all of our imaginations together.Because the shared imagination is both specific and universal, real and unreal, profane and holy, a place of both rest and unrest, that we all can go to and share with others when we make new things.


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