Dissertation Depression

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Now some people argue that many teenagers are suffering clinic depression.

Also their studies revealed that the first episode of depression is more likely to occur at an earlier age than the previous generation.

However depression have to be taken seriously since it can even lead someone to death.

Depression can occur to anyone despite his or her race, skin or hair color, age, location or religion.

There even was an incident when an infant died due to limited human contacts.

Anyway, Teenagers through puberty is famous for being moody.In the past times, people believe that only adults suffer from depression, but as a matter of fact, that is not true.Now the researches show that even infants can get depressed.Many people, especially young people today believes that they are going through many series of depression although they can not really identify what depression is.A lot of people say that depression is a temporary feeling of sadness.So many people these days say, “I’m depressed,” easily during a conversation when they feel sad.Feeling sad is normal for everyone since people can go through events in life that dissatisfies them.However, feeling blue does not mean you are actually suffering from depression.These days, many people who aren’t aware of depressions result, pay less attention to it.Basically, It’s just shocking the victim with clinic depression with electricity.This treatment that looks so cruel, however is proven for its efficiency. We all view depression as just an obstacle or debris in our path of life.


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