Development Communication Dissertations

Asoro PDF The Effect of Focal Center and Peripheral Ad Placement, Player Involvement, and Player Experience on Recognition and Recall of Videogame Ads, Aaron L.

Follett PDF The influence of level of issue relevance and emotional appeals in public service ads on attitudes and behavioral intentions toward global climate change, Supathida Kulpavaropas PDF Who do people trust for financial advice?

Iowans rate the credibility of information channels for financial information, Karl Henry Lang III PDF The "Sour" Smell of Fake Scented Rice: Media Coverage and Public Knowledge, Risk Perception and Behaviors in Response to a Food Safety Scandal, Jing Li PDF Uses and gratifications on social networking sites: Analysis of use and value of social networking sites for three types of social capital on college students, Zhang Xu Lineberry PDF Framing health risk: How the U. and Chinese TV news covered H1N1 influenza, Jingfei Liu PDF Profiling adopters of Bt cotton in China by gender, farm size, education and communication, Shuyang Qu PDF The impact of movie reviews vs.

word of mouth on post-viewing evaluations of films, Scott Schrage PDF Framing Tibet: A Comparative Study of Chinese and American Newspapers, 2008-2011, Xiangyi Shou PDF Testing the Effects of Partisan Bias on Racial Framing of Presidential Candidates: Coverage of Barack Obama and Herman Cain by Fox and MSNBC in 2011, Xin Xue PDF A comparative analysis of conservative and liberal South Korean newspapers' coverage of public protests against the import of U. beef, Cheolhwan Yoon PDF Framing food-related salmonella outbreaks in leading U. newspapers and TV networks: Attribution of responsibilities and crisis response strategies, Yue Zheng PDF Persuading Chinese female migrant workers to adopt safe sex practices: Results of a formative evaluation strategy, Tian Zhu PDF A test of the spiral of silence theory on young adults' use of social networking sites for political purposes, Kuan-ju Chen PDF Corporate apology and crisis communication; The effect of responsibility admittance and sympathetic expression on public anger relief, Surin Chung PDF Framing Comparison of The Li Gang Incident and The Diaoyu Island Dispute between Social Networking Sites and Mainstream Media in China, Ying Han PDF Preserving corporate reputation in the social media era, Mina Issa PDF Chinese Audiences' Preference for, Dependence on, and Gratifications Derived from CCTV 1, Dragon TV and Hunan TV News Programs, Dongfang Nangong PDF Transparency in the balance: An examination of the implementation of the open meetings law in the state of South Dakota, Michelle Lea Rydell PDF Sensation seeking, message sensation value and sexual risk taking: Implications for teen pregnancy prevention campaigns, Jeremy John Schweitzer PDF Assessing progress in freedom of expression in a Chinese newspaper: a comparison of Guang Ming Daily coverage of the Tang Shan and Si Chuan earthquakes, Ruiqi Wang PDF Stereotyping of women's images portrayed in prime time Chinese TV series from 1979 to 2008: Has the picture changed over time?

, Zhuyi Zheng PDF A comparative analysis on relationship maintenance strategies between official state tourism Websites and online travel agencies' Websites in the U.

PDF The Toronto Star and the politics of breast cancer, Jane E.

networked audience, Wen Wang PDF The Effects of Mood and Message Characteristics on Information Processing Styles and Advertising Effectiveness, Jing Wen PDF Doing broader impacts?

the National Science Foundation (NSF) broader impacts criterion and communication-based activities, Sarah L.

Chinese people's perceptions of aggressive female characters in Asian comedies, Yin Xia PDF Effects of precautionary principle on risk perception about cell phone radiation, Yang Yang PDF A comparative framing analysis of ISIL in the online coverage of CNN and Al-Jazeera, Talal Alshathry PDF A comparative framing analysis of Edward Snowden’s coverage in The New York Times and People's Daily, Wentao Chu PDF Source credibility and race: Black viewers’ responses to television news anchors, Pauli (Mayfield) Escobedo PDF Taming the hashtag: universal sentiment, SPEQ-ing the truth, and structured opinion in social media, Ian La Vie PDF A content analysis on features of suspenseful commercials, Chen Liang PDF Extending the technology acceptance model: an investigation of factors affecting college students’ downloading of smartphone fitness applications, Yuting Liao PDF A cross-national comparison of news coverage of Michelle Obama’s visit to China in American and Chinese media, Shuo Li PDF Is quality all the same?

A comparative study of print and television coverage of the Syrian conflict, Tara Pardue Lackey PDF Particulate matters: How trust and media use impact risk perceptions of air pollution in Beijing, Yue Qiu PDF The effect of media system diversity on intercultural communication competence under one-way media flow, Terigele Terigele PDF Hybrid user perception model: comparing users’ perceptions toward collaborative, content-based, and hybrid recommender systems, Mengqi Wu PDF Scientific entertainment: how audiences interpret science on The Big Bang Theory, Xi Yang PDF Publics’ emotional responses expressed in different clusters of corporate crises, Lianshan Zhang PDF Which reviews carry the most weight?


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