Deepavali Festival Essay In Tamil

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In joyous celebration of the return of their king, the people of Ayodhya, the capital of Rama, illuminated the kingdom with earthen also tells the story of Lord Vishnu, who, in his dwarf incarnation, vanquished the tyrant Bali and banished him to hell.

Bali is allowed to return to earth once a year to light millions of lamps and dispel darkness and ignorance while spreading the radiance of love and wisdom.

When the heart has considerably hardened, only a continuous celebration of Deepavali can rekindle the urgent need of turning away from the ruinous path of hatred. On this day, Hindu merchants in North India open their new account books and pray for success and prosperity during the coming year. Employers, too, purchase new clothes for their employees.

Homes are cleaned and decorated by day and illuminated by night with earthen oil lamps.

Children are sometimes given candy or toys from booths set up for the occasion.

Deepavali Festival Essay In Tamil

In southern India children wear flower wreaths on their heads or anklets of bells.

Homes are illuminated with lights, and firecrackers fill the skies as an expression of respect to the heavens for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace, and prosperity.

According to one belief, the sound of firecrackers indicates the joy of the people living on earth, making the gods aware of their plentiful state.

The best and finest illuminations can be seen in Bombay and Amritsar.

The famous Golden Temple at Amritsar is lit in the evening with thousands of lamps. The lights of Diwali also signify a time of inner illumination.


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