Crossfit Gym Business Plan

There are other higher levels for trainers to attain all the way up to Level 4 in addition to specialty training classes, that include coaching children in Cross Fit.But to open your own box gym, all you need is the Level 1 training.

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If, for example, your fixed monthly costs are $6,300, divide the fixed cost by the number of members to see where you breakeven.

Two example breakeven points are $80 per month for 79 members and $150 per month for 42 members.

You can have apprentices who work under the Cross Fit trainers in your gym, but only trainers have to be certified.

When you open your Cross Fit gym, you are required to pay the corporate offices $3,000 annually for use of the Cross Fit brand, logo, promotional materials, and promotion on the Cross Fit website.

Uninterrupted interior space and the right ceiling height is vital to a Cross Fit gym as we’ll explore in more detail below.

If you decide to build rather than rent, it’s also important to consider the fact that General Steel buildings feature bolt together construction.While taking the premium location with the pricey rent right away may seem like the best move, it is not always recommended to do this before you have built up a clientele.General Steel offers fully customizable metal buildings that can be designed with a Cross Fit gym in mind.They also offer personal training programs and nutrition classes, which are paid for outside of the standard monthly fee.These tactics can help your box gym turn a profit quickly.This will allow you to charge 0 per month and only need 42 members, in the beginning, to allow you to make a profit.The Bion Cross Fit in Arizona charges 0 per month for unlimited group classes, or 5 if the member does not want a contract.These can vary depending on your location and size.One piece of advice many Cross Fit owners give to those considering becoming an Affiliate is to make sure you are prepared to handle the back end, the business side of things.A tailored space can make your Cross Fit gym fit your clientele’s needs better than renting a location in a strip mall.For example, General Steel buildings feature clear span construction up to 300’ wide and your choice of ceiling height.


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