Creative Writing On New Year Resolution

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Dear members, we are all hoping for the upcoming year to be full of surprises and happiness. Here is a creative writing contest to add fun to that. Set aside a little time each month to make sure all paperwork is caught up and in order.

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And speaking of learning something new, make a point to educate yourself and pick up a new skill this year. (You can Sometimes work design projects turn into just that – work projects. Make sure to inject more emotion into your work this year.

Some projects can be really tough to get excited about, but think about the end users and create emotional connections for them.

I say the opposite to designers with a little more experience in the field – take on a pro bono project for a worthy client or cause at least once per year.

This doesn’t have to be a full-scale, 50-page website design.

Pro bono projects are a good way to give back a little something to the community that has supported your career.

It can also help a deserving group understand the value of design services, and you never know how that might get paid forward in the future. Share them with me and Design Shack using #designgoals2019. )The best resolution to make in 2019 is to be the best designer you can.

The best ways to establish that connection are through great storytelling, amazing imagery and a fluid user experience that works invisibly.

The caffeine-drinking designer stereotype exists for a reason.

Do something that you love, even if it is just for you.

At the same time, remember to create websites and designs that are functional.


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