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If they don't understand something, they won't google it. So how do you make it easy for your reviewer to put your cover letter on the "Accept" pile?We have put together the 10 tips below to make sure you can achieve this and avoid common mistakes. But trust us, reading hundreds of them can be at least as painful.

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Having networked with people from the firm you are applying for pays dividends for multiple reasons. But most importantly, these people will give you an insight into what makes their firm UNIQUE.

And you can quote these soundbites in your cover letter to show that you really understand the firm you are applying for.

This is why every cover letter should be structured as follows: The second reason consulting firms ask for a cover letter is to test your writing skills.

Consultants write all the time: emails, power points, word documents, etc. And a lot of the time their job is to summarise very large quantities of information in a succint way.

You have already written cover letters in the past.

But how do you make sure they work with consulting firms? Consulting cover letters are actually VERY different to cover letters for other jobs.

Making a good impression on PAPER is WAY HARDER than making a good impression in PERSON. Now that you know WHY consulting firms ask you for cover letters, let's talk about HOW your cover letter will be handled once you send it. Your application will be sent to a JUNIOR CONSULTANT who recently graduated from your University.

Are many candidates ready to invest HOURS in writing the perfect cover letter? They will SCORE your documents based on a grid provided by the HR team.

What are the top 3 questions you want to answer before investing money in interviewing a candidate?

If you don't answer these three questions in a structured and impactful way, your chances of getting passed the screening process are very low.


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