Corporate Compliance Research Paper

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"When we work in organizations that fail to encourage employees to report unethical behavior—or worse, punish those who do report—a collective feeling can emerge that nothing will change even if someone does speak up," Haugh added.

"This leads employees to rationalize their own ethical failings as normal or acceptable within the organization, reinforcing the culture of silence and leading to wide corruption within a company." Haugh, a former criminal defense attorney, is the author of two research papers that present the value of using a behavioral science approach to better understanding what causes white-collar crime and corporate wrongdoing.

Assess and report on the performance of controls across all levels of enterprise assets.

Automate control assessments and ongoing controls performance monitoring.

Other companies employ more sophisticated methods, including using algorithmic software to monitor employee activity.

In short, Haugh discovered that while subtle suggestions from management can influence positive employee behavior, it also can backfire and become a tool of unwanted behavioral manipulation.Designed to provide a framework to help organizations identify, manage and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities.Empowers organizations to maintain an accurate inventory of processing activities, establish and apply documented controls around the usage of PII, and manage data retention requirements."One common rationalization those board members might have been employing is called the appeal to higher loyalties, in which employees put the company's interests above that of larger society, or here, the interests of the harassed women." In this and another new paper, "Nudging Corporate Compliance," in American Business Law Journal, Haugh studied whether nonmonetary incentives can positively impact compliance."The best approaches to compliance focus not on how government regulators will react to a compliance initiative but on how employees—the real 'customers' of compliance—will be affected," he said."They consider the behavioral implications of the compliance program at every turn, particularly how company policies might foster or defeat employee rationalizations." In the "Nudging" paper, Haugh studied companies' use of simple interventions to influence good behavior, following the concept established by 2017 Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler.Examples of corporate nudging include brief written reminders of morality for employees completing travel reimbursement forms and checklists before client funds are transferred.Manage linkages between internal controls and laws, regulations and industry frameworks.Document, assess and report on the performance of controls across your business.Designed to enable organizations to group processing activities for the purposes of performing both privacy impact assessments (PIA) and data protection impact assessments (DPIA) and for tracking regulatory and data breach communications with data protection authorities.Identify operating conditions that may necessitate a DPIA pursuant to Articles 35 and 36 of GDPR.


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