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These programs — including mediation or arbitration — can be quicker, cheaper, and less stressful than going to court.

The FTC’s Cooling-Off Rule gives you a 3-day right to cancel a sale made at your home, workplace or dormitory, or at a seller’s temporary location, like a hotel or motel room, convention center, fairground or restaurant.

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Compare and contrast the three major types of consumer problem-solving processes. How does the level of involvement affect the type of consumer problem-solving process that a person uses? What can marketers do to reduce cognitive dissonance in a consumer who has just purchased an expensive product? Draw and label the consumer buying decision process and include the possible influences on the process. Why is it important for marketers to recognize the stages that a consumer goes through in making a purchase decision? Identify and describe the five major categories of situational influences. In what ways can situational influences affect the consumer buying decision process? Discuss how perceptual processes may influence the consumer buying decision process. a) customer’s reactions to marketing strategy can impact the firm’s success b) all customers are the same when it comes to buying behavior c) a firm should create a marketing mix that satisfies customers d) it helps the marketer predict how consumers will respond to marketing strategies e) the marketing concept stresses that a firm should know its customers 18. e) a combination of an individual’s demographic factors. Justin is purchasing his third car in the past five years. This is known as an individual’s a) motivational structure. a) Ian buying his first pair of basketball shoes b) Molly buying a new set of tires for her car c) Aaron buying a new fishing rod and reel d) Stephanie buying bottled water e) Bryan buying a new software program 29.

How does it apply to the consumer buying decision process? Why are consumer attitudes an important issue for marketers to study? Which of the following is not a reason why A&F needs to understand consumer buying behavior? d) the particular circumstance or environment in which consumers find themselves. A major determining factor in deciding which type of problem-solving process should be used depends on the individual’s intensity of interest in a product and the importance of the product for that person. Temporary and dynamic factors that result from a particular set of circumstance a consumer is facing when making purchase decisions characterize a) enduring involvement. e) responsive behavior, planned behavior, and impulsive problem solving. While shopping at a Kroger grocery store, Tom sees a display of his favorite brand of diet cola. This purchase process would be described as a) routinized response behavior. Which of the following buying situations is most consistent with routinized response behavior?

How are the expected to change in the upcoming years? Abercrombie & Fitch is developing a program to get to know its customers. Level of involvement is a) the importance and intensity of interest in a product in a particular situation. c) the amount of external search that an individual puts into the decision-making process. a) low b) internal c) enduring d) evoked e) perceived 23. d) internal problem solving, external problem solving, situational behavior. a) Car b) Desk c) Shirt d) Soft drink e) Television set 28.

c) an information search is extensive and may involve consulting with friends and family.

d) buying products that require a moderate amount of time for information gathering and deliberation.


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