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one step further, to look more specifically at the Cardinal Rules that figured prominently in health communication activities of PHS agencies.On the basis of percentage distributions, the Subcommittee was able to group the Cardinal Rules for each case into the three broad categories of "highly effective," "moderately effective," and "least effective." A frequency count of the Cardinal Rule critical elements provides a revealing set of general characteristics associated with health risk communication effectiveness.FDA, for example, expended a great amount of effort in content analysis and the pretesting of messages.

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A combination of quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques was used by the Subcommittee in comparing PHS health risk communication practices against a model standard of risk communication developed by EPA.

Frequency counts of EPA's Cardinal Rule critical elements were tabulated on both a cross-case and individual-case basis.

Clinicians use a secure and memorable 6 digit login code to access the app which complies with e-GIF Level 3 information governance standards.

Analysis of the 10 case studies reveals the varying perspectives of PHS agencies on the content, implementation, and expected outcomes of health communications strategies.

In the final category of "least effective," Rule 2 (Plan carefully and evaluate efforts) occurs most often.

A qualitative analysis of the case studies reveals varying beliefs among PHS agencies about what the content, process, and outcomes of a health risk communication should be.Inhealthcare enables patients and clinicians to interact with our digital health services using their preferred communication methods, meaning we’re inclusive of all, regardless of access to the internet or technical ability.Patients can choose to use SMS, the My Inhealthcare app, online, automated telephone calls and Amazon Alexa to send and receive readings to and from their healthcare professional.Inhealthcare Professional enables healthcare professionals to securely record patient readings on the move.The app can be used in care homes or during community visits.These include (1) having a sense of timing, or knowing when to release information to achieve maximum public impact; (2) emphasizing the importance of message clarity, balance, and accuracy when designing and sending health communication messages; and (3) having the commitment of the organization's decision-makers and management, which can enhance the effectiveness of the health risk communication effort.Another clear example of how health risk communication methods can work came from FDA.With a few effective principles, FDA was able to reach its intended audience with the message about the dangers of defective heart valves.Contributing to FDA's health communication success were the use of focus groups, enrollment incentives to join a heart valve registry, careful message design and clarification, and solicitation of health professionals' responses to notification messages.Two case studies in particular serve as prime examples of how agencies benefit when health communication is well planned and well executed.In an effort to inform the public about the risks and benefits of fluoride, EHPC identified several key factors that contributed to the overall success of its health communication campaign.


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