Classification Essay Hotels

Among them, one may determine solar and wind energies.

These types are considered the most effective ones due to the reason that they may be applied in accordance with the orientation of the building.

These hotels are luxury hotels and are classified based on an internationally accepted system of classification grading.

It is widely accepted that hospitality industry is one of the most powerful industries marked with a response to a growing demand for resources such as energy, water supply, etc.

Due to the reason that such hotels are environmentally-oriented, they presuppose different environmental improvements that have several implications in the consumer attraction and management.

Although the construction of green hotels and application of eco-friendly practices in them are strictly contributing to the environmental well-being, it is definitely true that eco-friendly design provides benefits for hospitality industry.

In this context, it is necessary to point out the main characteristics of a green hotel that does not contribute to the environmental deterioration and the waste of resources in contrast to a conventional one.

Barber defines the green hotel as the one which performs eco-friendly practices.

In addition, creating wind energy may be achieved with the help of special wind turbines that would ensure the energy-saving environment.

Bearing in mind the previous points, one should also pay attention to the matter of consumers’ attitude to green hospitality industry and their readiness to perceive the changes.


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