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Jean Piaget believed in four stages of development that were fairly concrete in description (Atherton, 2010). Sensorimotor stage (birth – 2 years old) – Children begin to make sense of the world around them based on their interaction with their physical environment. [tags: Child Development, Pyschology, Informative] - One precious little girl, charming responses, and thirty well spent minutes adds up to a successful Piaget project.

Nearing her fifth birthday in the upcoming week, her age is central between ages three and seven, providing me with information that is certainly conducive to our study....

[tags: Child Development, Piaget, psychology] - Grace Nowadays, television has been played a major role in most family households.

It is important because it focus on the problems that arise when a child‘s situation is not taken seriously and consequently have harsh consequences for both worker and child (Climbié Report, 2002)....

[tags: Child Development ] - From the video observation, the two three-year old children, Thomas and Riley set off on a bus journey along with their childminder; it is observed that both the children speak about their journey, in which they are able to identify various features, which include the passengers; various buildings and different types of buses.

I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of naturalistic observation through the key developmental milestones based in Mary Sheridan (2005) check-list and provide a theoretical explanation to support the naturalistic observation.

First of all I would like to explain why the child observation is important for social workers.Although television was invented over half a century ago, it has now become a part of most children’s everyday lives.Children have begun to turn to television for their main source of entertainment .Television has its own good sides but research shows that the disadvantages of television watching for children outweigh the advantages.This is because it will affect children’s health, children’s educational development, children’s cognitive skill and also children’s behaviour....The effects on a child after a (PPD) can affect the child’s IQ, language, and Cognitive development....[tags: Childbirth, Infant, Child development, Psychology] - Do video games induce emotional, physical and psychological scars on children.This inventory is a list of 30 statements for which you rate how strongly you agree or disagree.A number of points are given to each answer given, and then these scores are added up in three categories: cognitive-developmental, cultural-training/behaviorist, and maturationist-socialization....I am going to demonstrate my understanding of the need of promoting enabling environment in early years and the changes in my practice since attending university.I will critically evaluate on my own reflective and evaluative skills and I will offer examples of implementing these skills into my practice.


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