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Part of this change involves using a new grading system, to signal that there have been reforms to the exams, and to make it easier to differentiate between results.The shift to numbered grades also fits better with European exam results, with Germans - and most of Britain's other global competitors - using numerical exam grades.

Key Stage 3 During Key Stage 3 students build on their scientific knowledge and understanding and make connections between different areas of Science.

They use scientific ideas and models to explain phenomena and events, and to understand a range of familiar applications of Science.

Within all of these courses students develop their scientific skills and are helped to become scientifically literate individuals prepared for the world of work within the scientific community or post 16 Science study.

Key stage 5 A-level students can study CCEA Life and Health Sciences.

TEENAGERS across the country collected their 2019 GCSE results on August 22, 2019 - the same day the grade boundaries were released.

Here's everything you need to know and how the grading system works for the different exam boards.

Over the past few years we have taken Year 8 students on an annual beach clean as part of the shared education programme.

On this trip, students are given the opportunity to learn more about their local community and appreciate the importance of recycling and habitat conservation.

Our Vision The Science department at Strangford College aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum suited to the interests and needs of all our students.

We endeavour to develop skills and capabilities to help our students grow into successful adults capable of making informed choices and having the potential to make a valuable contribution to the world of work and society in general.


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