Catfish Farming Business Plan

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We discussed the particulars of establishing and running an aquaculture operation. According to Hedlund, oyster and clam operations take the least amount of labor – perhaps just a few people. farmed fish production is catfish, and you can raise them in many states, even cold places like Wisconsin.Fin-fish, like tilapia and trout, are much more intense. Per Hedlund, 50% of the cost of a fish operation is fish food, which consists mostly of fish meal and soybean meal.That’s a 13% arable land increase to meet a 150% population increase.

A raceway is what they call a long, slender fish growing pond, and it can be concrete or dirt-lined. is still a small player in aquaculture worldwide, says Hedlund, so there is plenty of room for U.

The river diversion is to keep fresh water running through the raceways for the health of the fish.

be able to produce adequate volumes to sustain targeted markets, 3. When making a production and business plan for table fish, one should endeavor to answer the following questions beforehand.

This is important because it limits possible FCRs, water quality and carrying capacity.

Even per capita fish consumption has increased rapidly – from about 20 pounds per year in 1961 to about 45 pounds today.

Now fish accounts for about 17% of all animal protein consumed by the global population.

The objective of commercial fish farming is to produce fish for sale and earn profits. – number of pond(s), size of pond(s), water for production (quantity, quality, flow rates), feeds, labour, seed, etc. From where and when should I source my seed and feed?

Therefore, production should be planned from the onset to target identified markets. have the required product (size and form) available when the market wants it, 2. – its location, what category of people are likely to buy the fish I produce, etc 2. – type of fish, how much, what size, how frequently, fresh or processed, etc.

How to start fish farming One of the most widespread agribusinesses in Nigeria is fish farming and for considerable reasons.

The days when the only way to get fish is to catch it in local rivers and ponds are gone, today, modern methods of farming allow to grow fish on farms and monitor revenues.


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