Careers In Problem Solving

Elements of this can be found in a variety of roles in the media, digital & creative industries, and deciding where your creativity (and passion) lies, will allow you to pick the most suited career for your attributes.

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Courses to get you started: Criminology is the scientific analysis of crime and responses to it—a fascinating field for analytical thinkers to delve into.

It often involves structuring ideas and working with complex theories to solve problems faced by the criminal justice system.

Analytical thinkers can excel in this role as it takes great attention to detail, a love of problem solving and the ability to absorb and remember large volumes of information.

As a logistics manager, you’ll also need the ability to plan projects and consistently supply new strategies to ensure goods are always delivered on time.

14 of the top 20 roles problem-solving occupations cited by O*NET are in STEM, including mathematicians, healthcare professionals, engineers and physicists.

Through online profiles, the Problem-Solving Initiative will bring these occupations to life, as STEM professionals share their passion for problem solving and give examples of how problem solving is at the core of their careers.

For example, the Occupational Information Network (O*NET – is a US Department of Labor database that compiles detailed information on hundreds of jobs.

It enables students to search for roles requiring ‘Complex Problem Solving Skills’, that is, developed capacities used to solve novel, ill-defined problems in complex, real-world settings.

Luckily, there’s a range of different ways you could put your skills to use – from pursuing admin, secretarial and PA roles and opportunities in HR, to taking on a career as an Event Manager.

And whether you want to go down the management route and organise projects, tasks, or lead a team, or your specialties lie in arranging services for customers or colleagues, there’ll be a role that suits you.


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