Canada In Korean War Essay

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Their duties included blockading the coast, preventing enemy amphibious landings, protecting the UN fleet, bombarding onshore targets and offering humanitarian aid to isolated Korean fishing villages.

Beginning in July 1950, the Royal Canadian Air Force’s No.

After a whirlwind of diplomatic maneuvering, the UN voted to send troops.

In the end, 18 UN member nations—including Canada—would contribute units to a multinational force that would serve with American and South Korean forces in Korea.

After additional preparations in Korea, our soldiers reached the front lines in February 1951. This very hilly country is crisscrossed by many valleys with rivers, swamps and rice paddies. Troops from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and India would serve together there, eventually coming together to form the 1 Parallel by the spring of 1951, Chinese and North Korean forces—reinforced with new troops and equipment—struck back hard in April.

UN and South Korean troops in the area of the enemy onslaught had to retreat or risk being overrun.Tensions between the two sides grew, climaxing on June 25, 1950, when North Korean troops invaded South Korea.This set off more than three years of fighting in the place traditionally known to its people as the “Land of the Morning Calm.” The United Nations (UN) had been established in the aftermath of the Second World War and sought to avert future international conflicts through diplomacy and dialogue.With the defeat of Japan at the end of the Second World War, however, their empire was dismantled.In one of the opening moves of what would come to be called the Cold War, the Soviet Union deployed troops into the northern portion of the newly liberated Korean peninsula while American soldiers moved into the southern half.As part of a United Nations (UN) force consisting of 16 countries, 26,791 Canadian military personnel served in the Korean War, during both the combat phase and as peacekeepers afterward. After the two world wars, Korea remains Canada’s third-bloodiest overseas conflict, taking the lives of 516 Canadians and wounding more than 1,200. The Korean War was one of the most significant chapters in our country’s proud military history.The UN also had the option, however, of employing force in the defence of peace and freedom.The crisis in Korea set off international shock waves and the United States quickly referred the situation to the UN Security Council.The Korean War began 25 June 1950, when North Korean armed forces invaded South Korea.The war’s combat phase lasted until an armistice was signed 27 July 1953.


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